Empowering Acidizing Excellence

StimPro comprehensive matrix acidizing analysis software revolutionizes the design, simulation, and analysis of acid jobs below the fracture initiation pressure.

With its unique features and robust capabilities, StimPro enables you to reduce treatment costs, increase production, and enhance economics for your acidizing treatments.



Comprehensive Design, Simulation, and Scheduling

StimPro offers all-in-one tools for designing, simulating, and scheduling matrix acidizing treatments.


Real-Time Data Matching

Match pressure data post-job or in real-time, ensuring accurate analysis and prompt decision-making.


Transient Pressure and Skin Calculation

Advanced algorithms calculate transient pressure behavior and skin effects, providing valuable insights into reservoir conditions.


Treatment Optimization

Fine-tune stimulation treatments for maximum production enhancement and cost efficiency.

A Comprehensive Tool for
Creating Efficiency

StimPro matrix acidizing design and analysis software is your comprehensive solution for designing, simulating, and analyzing acid injection treatments below the fracture initiation pressure.

StimPro can even simulate acidizing in user-defined rock formations based on a combination of naturally occurring minerals unique to the rock type.

This easy-to-use software is fully integrated and effective for both carbonate and sandstone formations.

The software designs treatments to dissolve the matrix, creating new channels (wormholes) to bypass damaged zones and ensure clear flow.

The focus is on dissolving particles that clog existing pore channels rather than creating new ones.


Stimulation Design Assurance:

StimPro ensures the effectiveness of your stimulation design, providing confidence in treatment outcomes.

Real-Time Analysis Flexibility:

Enjoy the flexibility of real-time analysis, allowing for on-the-fly program redesign to adapt to changing well conditions.

Ongoing Treatment Monitoring:

Continually monitor treatment effectiveness, enabling proactive adjustments for optimal results.

Enhanced Production and Cost Efficiency:

Increase production flow while simultaneously reducing treatment costs, maximizing economic benefits.

Access to Stimulation Fluids:

Gain access to a comprehensive selection of candidate stimulation fluids and acid additives, facilitating tailored treatments.

Precise Acidizing and Modeling:

Achieve precise carbonate acidizing and wormhole modeling, ensuring accurate treatment targeting and reservoir response prediction.

Future Program Optimization:

Utilize insights from StimPro to enhance future stimulation programs, continuously improving operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Operating Modes

Acidizing Design Mode
Acidizing Analysis Mode
Production Analysis Mode

Quickly generate treatment schedules tailored to reservoir requirements, optimizing fluid and acid selection for specific damage types.

Conduct detailed pre-treatment design and real-data analysis, either in real-time or post-job, to ensure treatment effectiveness.

Predict and evaluate production behavior post-treatment, which is essential for assessing past successes and planning future treatments.
A Dynamic Tool for Acidizing
and Data Acquisition

Training and Support

Tailored Training

Opt for open or private StimPro Core software courses for basic and advanced training.

Integrate Learning

Easily integrate software training into our general matrix-acidizing courses.

Dedicated Support

Receive standard email and extended phone support from our team of experienced engineers and technicians, along with annual major upgrade releases for StimPro Core software.


How does StimPro ensure accuracy in treatment design?

StimPro employs advanced algorithms and real-time data analysis to ensure treatment designs are tailored to specific reservoir conditions, enhancing accuracy and effectiveness.

Can StimPro be integrated seamlessly into existing workflows?

Yes, StimPro offers seamless integration with existing workflows, allowing users to incorporate it into their processes with ease. Our team provides dedicated support to ensure smooth integration.

What support options are available for StimPro users?

StimPro users have access to standard email and extended phone support from our team of experienced engineers and technicians. Additionally, regular software updates and service packs ensure users stay up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.

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