Precision in Fracture
Design & Analysis

Experience the unmatched capabilities of FracPro, our solution meticulously crafted to redefine fracture design and analysis.
FracPro stands as the industry standard, providing essential insights for crafting successful stimulation programs with unparalleled precision and depth.



Real-Time Monitoring and Evaluation

Seamlessly monitor jobs post-completion or on-site in real-time, ensuring adaptability and precision.


Integrated Analysis Modules

Four effortlessly integrated modules allow for detailed diagnostic injections, unlocking invaluable insights into fracture behavior.

Unified Job Design

Effortlessly design and visualize intricate multi-treatment fracturing jobs within a single, streamlined file, enhancing operational efficiency.


Built-in Fluid and Proppant Libraries

Access our extensive libraries containing various fluids and proppants, ensuring precise simulations and analysis.

A Comprehensive Tool for
Fracture Optimization

FracPro serves as your indispensable companion for modeling any stimulation job with precision and accuracy.


Enhanced Fracture Designs:

Fine-tune designs through meticulous assessments, optimizing performance and efficiency.

Comprehensive Rock Analysis:

Evaluate rock attributes for tailored fracture designs adapted to specific reservoir conditions.

Support for Complex Reservoirs:

Seamlessly address dipping reservoirs and multiple-treatment horizontal wells with advanced processing capabilities.

Long-Term Production Optimization:

Maximize production efficiency by considering critical parameters.

Intuitive User Interface:

User-friendly interface promotes ease of use and operational efficiency

Flexible Graphics Options:

Customize graphics for enhanced visualization and reporting.

Reliable Data Acquisition System:

Ensure reliable data acquisition for accurate analysis and reporting.

Gain insights into proppant placement, conductivity improvements, and fracture dimensions, ensuring optimal performance.

Simulate single or multiple treatment horizontal wells effortlessly, with the flexibility to create multiple pump schedules and reservoirs.
Model energized systems using Nitrogen or CO2, calculating foam quality and required gas and liquid volumes.
Model acid injections with precision, considering reaction rates, thermal effects, and fluid library options.
Choose from various leak-off models and back stress options to effectively match tip screenout behavior.

Training and Support

Tailored Training Programs

Choose from open or private courses covering basic and advanced FracPro usage, customized to individual or team requirements.

Dedicated Support

Access standard email and extended phone support from our team of experienced engineers and technicians.

Regular Updates

Stay current with annual major upgrade releases, service packs available for download, and automatic user notifications.

Explore Our Suite of FracPro Software Solutions


Comprehensive software combining FracPro Core and FracPro Live functionalities for improved well performance and monitoring.


Industry – leading software for fracture design and analysis, enhancing well per formance through insightful stimulation program design.


Onsite fracture monitoring software integrated with FracPro Core, providing real – time data display in frac monitoring vans.

Uncover the perfect fit for your needs.

Get The Same Service, On the Cloud


Cloud – based software combining FracPro Core+ and FracPro Live + functionalities for enhanced well performance and monitoring from any location.


Cloud – based version of FracPro Core offering fracture design and analysis capabilities from anywhere.


Cloud – based onsite fracture monitoring software integrated with FracPro Core+, providing real – time data display in frac monitoring vans.

From basic functionality to advanced features, we have the right solution for you.


What sets LINQX apart from other fracture analysis providers?
Our unmatched expertise, cutting – edge technology, and commitment to excellence make us the premier choice for fracture analysis needs.
How does LINQX ensure seamless integration of its software into existing workflows?
We work closely with your team to understand your unique workflow requirements and provide customized solutions that seamlessly integrate into your processes.
What support options are available to LINQX customers?

LINQX customers have access to a range of support options, including email and phone support, as well as customized training programs tailored to your specific needs.

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