Operations Module

  • Administrative Efficiency: Free your engineers from administrative burdens, allowing them to focus on value-added tasks.
  • Automated Reporting: Enjoy quick transitions with automated post-job reporting.
  • Client Portal Access: Provide clients with access to stage-level documents through the Operator Portal.
Operations Oil and Gas

  • Real-Time Inventory Management: Maintain accurate material inventory by tracking deliveries and usage, with alerts for reordering.
  • On-Site Activity Tracking: Capture detailed records of on-site activities throughout the job.
  • Field Ticket Management: Build, send, and capture signed field tickets within XOPS.
  • Job Status Communication: Keep clients and vendors informed with real-time job status updates.

  • Delivery and Usage Tracking: Capture and manage chemical and proppant deliveries and usage.
  • Inventory Updates: Record end-of-stage straps to create field tickets and update inventory seamlessly.

  • Real-Time Logging: Log activities as they happen, including classifying NPT.
  • NPT Statistics Visualization: Visualize current NPT statistics and activity events.
  • Automated Post-Job Emails: Generate automated post-job emails with necessary attachments (CSV, PJR, Field Ticket).

  • Field Ticket Creation: Build and send field tickets directly from within XOPS.
  • Chemical Usage Tracking: Track costs of chemical usage by stage against planned schedules.

  • Material Orders: Order materials and send stage-related reports from within the platform.
  • Customized Distribution Lists: Create customized distribution lists for efficient reporting.

  • Equipment Tracking: Automatically capture pumping hours per stage on specific wear items.
  • Maintenance Planning: Track and plan maintenance events to create preventative maintenance schedules for your fleets.